Formulation Development

Formulation Development

Our scientists use Quality-By-Design (QBD) tools at all stages of formulation development. Design of experiments (DOE) along with risk assessment strategies allows us to design our experimental plan. Our development approach allows us to meet our delivery timelines and helps us in providing our clients with cost-effective drug delivery solutions.

Dosage Forms:

  • Tablets : Immediate-release, Sustained-release, Delayed-release, Film-coated

  • Injection : Solution for injection, Powder for injection, Suspension for injection, Non aqueous liquid solution

  • Capsules : Powder, Granule filling

  • Pellets : Into tablets or Capsule filled

  • Powders : Powder in a bottle

  • Liquids : Solutions, Suspensions, Emulsions

  • Semi-solids : Creams, Ointments, Gels, Lotions

  • Veterinary: Spot on, pour on, soft chewable platform, hard chewable flavoured tablets etc.

Equipment and process capabilities:

  • Direct tablet compression

  • Fluid bed processing (granulation, drying, coating)

  • High shear wet granulation

  • Dry granulation (roller compaction, slugging)

  • Extrusion spheronization

  • Perforated pan tablet coating

  • Automated capsule filling (powder, granules, pellets)

  • Spray drying

  • Microencapsulation

  • Low humidity / moisture requirements

  • Taste-masking

  • High potency compound handling

  • Instrumented tablet press

Our extensive formulation development services and capabilities include

  • Formulation development for early safety studies

  • Prototype formulations for clinical trials

  • Prototype formulation screening studies

  • Formulation / process optimization

  • Preliminary process identification

  • Commercial formulation development for NME’s, ANDA’s and OTC’s

  • Process development optimization

  • Scale up / technology transfer

New Offering:

  • Liposomal drug delivery technology

  • Soft chewable tablets for companion animals

  • Transdermal delivery system

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