Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Services

If you’re looking for a low-cost quality contract manufacturing partner to support clinical trial or commercial supply requirements, then you’re in the right place. We can identify true partner for you as per your product requirement. Cuckos has the competence, flexibility and partner’s facilities to take on challenging projects which require custom tailored processes. With a broad range of expertise and technologies available, Cuckos offers support and services ranging from development including (ICH/VICH exhibt batches) and procurement to full-scale manufacturing, distribution, tech transfer, stability studies, and life cycle management. In addition to human pharmaceuticals, Cuckos can also supply veterinary products.


Identifying and collaboration with right manufacturing sites which suits your product, Cuckos has the capabilities to deliver your project from development through to the manufacture of large commercial batch sizes of tablets, capsules or powders. With significant experience in developing and manufacturing modified release products, our technology transfer teams can ensure smooth up-scaling and site transfers.


Solid dosage forms are manufactured with conventional technologies, including fluid bed granulation and water/organic solvents based coating. In addition, Cuckos has expert knowledge and a state of the art partner’s facility for manufacturing pellets with layering technology. Powder, crystals and pellets can be used as the starting material. The final pellets can be processed into tablets or filled into capsules or sachets, providing excellent means to fine tune the release profile of the finished product.


Cuckos has the right partner to take on your semi-solid development and manufacturing project.


Cuckos manufactures creams, ointments, gels, emulsions, aerosols and suppositories with conventional technology, including mixing with heating and vacuum. Other products are filled in aluminum tubes, plastic tubes with long or short necks, syringes and aluminum cans, while suppositories are delivered in PVC or aluminum blisters. Creams can be processed using sterile manufacturing technology with aseptic filling into aluminum tubes. Separate terminal sterilisation is offered.


Cuckos has extensive experience in the injectables area and supplies small volume parenterals in ampoules and vials, as well as in cartridges. Cuckos full service offering is complete with secondary packaging and temperature controlled storage.


Cuckos offers state-of-the-art freeze drying processing of vials and ampoules. As part of Cuckos’s development services, freeze drying cycle optimization is offered.

Aseptic fill of sterile powder

Dry powder filling is performed in state of the art equipment. Dedicated facilities are available for penicillins and cephalosporins for worldwide supply.

Focus on drug delivery

Focus on a specialised long acting technology means customers have the opportunity to access a life cycle management or development service for new superior injectable formulations.


Cuckos offers liquids, sprays and aerosols in various containers. Organic solvents and propellants can be handled. With a broad range of equipment and compounding vessels from 100L to 5000L, it is possible to optimise the manufacturing process to meet customers’ needs.

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