Standalone Services

Standalone Services

Most of our standalone services are drive by ICH/VICH complaint protocols and reports.

Stability studies:

Cuckos offers GLP compliant ICH stability testing services to support your changes in marketed formulation.

Analytical Method Development/Validation:

Cuckos offers GLP compliant ICH method development and Validation services to support your dossier requirement as well as any change in marketed formulation.

Routine Analysis:

Cuckos offers GLP compliant routine testing services to check your product quality by generating certificate of analysis which include testing parameters like description, Identification, Assay, Dissolution, Related substances, water by KF etc.

Trouble shooting:

As we have experienced formulation and technology transfer person so if you are facing any challenge in your product manufacturing, we can provide you the solution for robust and continuous manufacturing.

Technology Transfer:

We have developed a lot of inhouse products where we can do the direct technology transfer to the client manufacturing sites in emerging markets.

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